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Red Ribbon Breakfast
Red Ribbon Breakfast

SAC sponsor, Mr. Hawk, and the 5th grade SAC members, attended the annual Red Ribbon Breakfast. At the breakfast, students heard from many of our community leaders and learned more about the importance of always working to your highest ability and living a drug-free life so that they can do just that.

All Woodland students will be bringing attention to the importance of being drug free with fun themed days all week.

Monday(10/16) - Superhero Day - we have the POWER to NOT do drugs!

Tuesday(10/17) - Patriotic Day - United We Stand in a Drug Free Land!

Wednesday(10/18) - Jeans and Sneakers Day - be a JEAN-ius and kick drugs to the curb!

Thursday(10/19) - Sunglasses and Mustache Day - I 'mustache' you to be too bright for drugs!

Friday(10/20) - Sweats Day - Living drug free is no sweat!