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Principal's Message

Lee Sweet

Lee Sweet

George Berkesch

George Berkesch

Assistant Principal

Message from Mr.Sweet:

Woodland Elementary School operates under the beliefs that each child is unique and can learn in the proper environment with sufficient supports. Today's students are tomorrow's teachers and world leaders. It is the responsibility of the Woodland Elementary School staff to facilitate all students' growth and education in order to maximize their potential.

We believe in making daily gains, moving forward to grow as people and educators to better ourselves, our co-workers, and our students.  We are committed to providing a safe and friendly learning environment. We are committed to being future-oriented by being innovative and creative. We are committed to being a staff inclined to utilize and value teamwork. We are committed to individual student achievement and growth. We are committed to being reflective of our teaching practices and the impacts they have on students.  We are committed to showing up!  

A child's school family can not take the place of the immediate family but a strong home/school connection is essential for a successful student learning experience. Opportunities for family members to participate in their child's education are provided frequently. Parents are actively involved in a variety of functions at Woodland Elementary School. There are a variety of school-wide opportunities for parents to become involved. The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meets monthly to manage funds and coordinate school-wide events. Staff members plan to host Family Nights in conjunction with the PAC general meetings.

Working together as a team in order to maintain a positive learning environment and facilitate academic growth has been established as a top priority of the Woodland Elementary School staff. Teachers have 30 minutes of contracted time for professional development each day. Current topics include by are not limited to NWEA training, curriculum mapping training, and literacy instruction training. It is the mission of the Woodland Elementary School staff to incorporate successful teaching strategies and to remain abreast and open to current educational innovations and best practices.

Message from Mr. Berkesch:

The staff and administration at Woodland Elementary are here to help each student grow and learn. We know the importance of incorporating various teaching styles and strategies into the classroom to meet all students' needs. To achieve this, Woodland Elementary utilizes interventions such as classroom instruction, interventionists, Title 1 staff, and English Language Learner tutors. Faculty and staff also use the Indiana Academic Standards to plan instruction, and it is expected that they engage in best practices and differentiated strategies to meet the diverse academic needs of students. With the support of families and the implementation of these educational components, Woodland Elementary staff and administration take pride in maintaining high student growth each school year.

At Woodland Elementary, we understand the importance of addressing our students’ academic needs and developing work habits and social skills. Banners in the hallways reinforce various life skills, and the morning announcements include a quote and reminder about applying these skills each day. Furthermore, each teacher incorporates lessons about work habits and life skills into their classrooms based on the specific needs of their students. The most important thing you can do is ensure your child meets or exceeds expectations academically and behaviorally. We also appreciate a positive attitude at home as that usually reflects in your child at school.

Integrating technology effectively into the instructional process can positively impact students' educational experiences. The Tippecanoe School Corporation's availability of technology and high-quality digital resources enables students to demonstrate creativity and innovation, communicate and collaborate, research and evaluate information, and think critically. 

With your help and guidance, your child will thrive this year. It won't always be easy, but that's the point – to push your child and get better and grow each day. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to the year ahead!