Tippecanoe School Corporation

Woodland Elementary School 

Car Rider Procedures        

Students who arrive and/or depart by car will use the following procedures.  Please be patient and be respectful of the rules, personnel, and other car riders.  A map is included on the reverse side of this page with directional arrows to assist you. If you have changes to dismissal procedures, please contact the office before 3:00pm.  Thank you.


 Ø  Adults bringing students to school should proceed to the rear of the building after turning right from the entrance road.  Cars may enter the northeast parking lot from the north entrance and form a single line extending out of the parking lot and back along the rear drive.

  Ø  Students will enter the north door nearest the gym hallway, door #16.  Parents will park along the sidewalk and extend back through the drive around the rear of the building.

 Ø  For safety, students should only be dismissed from the passenger side (curb side) of the car.  Students will be dismissed from cars at 9:30 a.m. when the bell sounds.  Staff members will open the doors at that time.  Please do not release students until either the bell sounds or a staff member opens the door.

 Ø  When it is your turn to pull forward, please move all the way to the end of the curb or as far forward as possible to fill all spaces.

 Ø  Please refrain from walking in the building with your child.  If you must enter the school, please park at the front of the building in the appropriate limited spaces.                                                               

Ø  Cars should exit the parking lot through the northeast entrance and turn right and leave around the south end of the school.  You may not leave or enter around the north end of the building.


 Ø  The same procedures will take place when the dismissal bell sounds at 3:55 p.m.  Parents will need to wait in line and for safety purposes; students will enter cars on the curb or passenger side.

 Ø  Students will exit the building from the north door nearest the gym hallway and the northeast door of the north wing of the building, door 16.  Students will not be allowed to exit the building without adult supervision.  Dismissal will not begin until a staff member is present.

 Ø  All adults should remain in their cars following the line until students are picked up.

 Ø  Please do not park and walk to the curb to get your child.  This will cause an unsafe situation and disrupt the flow of vehicles.

 Ø  Please do not ask or signal to your child to walk across the parking lot to the car.

 Ø  When it is your turn to pull forward, please move all the way to the end of the curb or as far forward as possible to fill all spaces.

 Ø  If a parent needs to enter the building to get their child, please park at the front of the building in the appropriate spaces.

Dimissal Information



Students that ride the bus to school will need to work hard to be to their assigned bus stop on time each day; the bus driver has to stay on schedule and cannot wait for those running late.  Students’ buses arrive to each stop at varying times, depending on the proximity to the school.  Before the start of the school year, bus drivers will contact each family and let parents/guardians know what time students need to be at the bus stop in the morning.  The bus will arrive to Woodland at approximately 9:30 am.  


Students that ride the bus home after school will board the bus at approximately 4:10 pm, with the buses typically leaving Woodland approximately 4:20 pm.  Students arrival time back to their bus stop will vary depending on their location.  Bus drives will contact families before the start of school to inform parents/guardians of anticipated arrival time back to the bus stop at the end of each school day.

Please be sure your child knows their bus number and bus driver’s name on the first day of school.

If there is ever a delay to a bus schedule on a specific day, the school office will communicate changes to families through the use of the TSC alert system so be sure to sign up to receive messages and alerts.