Tippecanoe School Corporation

Daily Schedule

Arrival Begins at 8:50, with the morning bell ringing at 9:00. Each classroom follows a slightly different schedule for subjects and specials classes during the day. To see your child(ren)'s specific schedules please visit the individual classroom teacher's webpage(s). Below is the lunch schedule for each grade level. End of the day dismissal for car riders begins at 3:20 and at 3:30 for bus riders.

Lunch line image

Family members are welcome to come eat lunch with their child(ren) at any time. We simply ask that fast food lunches are not brought to school, as those meals do not follow the federal school cafeteria guidelines. Family members eating lunch at school are welcome to pack a lunch, or order a school lunch. To order a school lunch, please contact the school by 9:30 am so that the cafeteria staff can plan meal preparation accordingly. Thank you!

Below is the recess and lunch schedule for each grade level. Students have a 20-minute recess time first, and then have their lunch time.

Kindergarten 11:00-11:55
First Grade 11:35-12:30
Second Grade 11:45-12:40
Third Grade 12:20-1:10
Fourth Grade 12:10-1:00
Fifth Grade 11:10-12:00

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